Monday, March 16, 2015

Sounding off...

The number 11 has always been my "lucky" number.  For some reason, I notice it when it's 11:11 (a.m or p.m!). It's sort of like now that I know I'm losing my eyesight, I see people with vision impairments just about everywhere.  Today, the number 11 brought a lot of humor into our lives (at least I hope you'll think it's funny).  See, I have an appointment at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology in April and other neurology appointments in June.  I really need to combine the appointments into June, so I can work in a trip to Yellowstone during my favorite month of the year to visit that amazing National Park (the bears are most active in June).  Since I utterly failed the brief memory assessment/screening appointment last week, I'm scheduled for extensive memory/cognitive tests with them.

We're slow learners, but we are finally figuring out our way around this place and David is getting really fit (yes!)! We know we have to go to each desk and negotiate these appointment changes, so we sought out the 11th floor after I finished with all my morning ophthalmology appointments that later confirmed the diagnosis of Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy (Fuch that!).  So that's a done deal and I'll see the cornea specialists in June, I think.

Sorry...back on track to the important "11" story.

So, there are four sets of elevators for two huge buildings, but they all get you to the same two buildings...different floors.  We set off on the GONDA/Mayo building elevators to the 11th floor, where the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology is located.  Well, we saw the first sign that said "GONDA/Mayo Floors 12-19," so we got on the other set for floors 1-11...right?  Nope.  That set only had buttons for floors 1-10.  No shit - there was NO 11th floor.  How confusing is that for us memory/vision impaired/ADHD/psychiatric patients? And who is BRAVE enough to tell anyone there IS NO 11TH FLOOR?  Well, we are.  We even called down to the information desk and spoke to a scheduling associate on the 4th floor and no one had an explanation. They all said, "There has to be an 11th floor."  Nope. It turns out there is only an 11th floor on the MAYO/Gonda elevators.  Yes, ONLY the MAYO/Gonda elevators have the 11th floor: apparently for the "discretion" of patients.  Hardly! I was basically screaming that I was headed to psych floor and there was NO 11th floor.  I'm surprised they didn't have a express elevator to that floor for those lost and not found.  We had a very good laugh. A very good distraction.  Once located, their schedulers were kind enough to change my appointment to June, so our appointments are clustered together in one week.  Whew.

You still with me?

It was a tough day. The news confirming my eye woes required more ophthalmology testing appointments scheduled for this Friday. We must stay through Friday at 1:30 p.m. I'm really not complaining (mostly).  I am so very, very blessed to have this comprehensive medical care. And as Aubrey puts it, I am worth the 125.00 bucks a night it takes, in order to stay here and leave with a treatment plan.  Bah.  I'm blessed. I get it.  I'm staying. We're staying. Thank God, it's WE, not just ME.

We got some great "park" time with Leslie. David had a great chat with his Mom, the queen of Homer, Ms. Hessie Watson.  I had a great chat with my mom, who offered to give me her corneas.  We had several good cries. David (and too!) got a very sweet gift of dinner delivered to our room.  I got my new burnt orange wheelchair ordered and approved by insurance (Hook 'Em!). We mapped out our way to our favorite yogurt place and managed to get there without getting lost and never setting foot on one ridiculous elevator.  We enjoyed amazing entertainers accompanying a grand piano pianist in the astonishingly beautiful lobby of the Gonda Building. And last but not least, I heard the voices of the two most precious gifts God ever shared with me: Sydney and Aubrey.  This made me eternally grateful I could hear and always stay connected to the most humanizing and breathtaking aspect of this world: the gift of voices.

No words can express our gratitude for you...and yes, you.

Peace, Only in Him

1 John 1:5 ~ 
"This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all." 


  1. Number One is that of new beginnings and purity. When we see this digit doubled as with the eleven - then these attributes double in strength. Just sayin. k

    1. I hope you are suggesting strength in memory. After that big fat elevator disaster, I prefer to avoid the 11th floor altogether.