Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dread Pirate Su

Greetings everyone!

Well after a very eventful few days upon our return, we are ramping things up for surgery tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I doubt David will do any posting for me on this blog, but I intend to solicit the help of my two beautiful daughters, since your prayers clearly affect the most positive outcomes (hint, hint).

Here's the long and short: Although I loved my new contact, it came with no directions and I ended up scratching my cornea with two long vertical scratches. I had to remove the contact and am all patched up like a one-eyed jack.  You'd think this was very disappointing news, but it actually resulted in 2 mornings where I woke with no headache (Praise God! Praise God!).  The Mayo Clinic cornea specialist had suggested David wait until I was asleep and use a flashlight to investigate if I was closing my eyelids all the way at night: as he thought this might be contributing to my headaches.  The NCIS man was ready and willing had he a wife who slept through any movement at all, but that's not happening, so it took scratching my cornea and applying the salve in both eyes to figure this out.  It makes perfect sense even considering the postural component of my headaches.

We have no idea if this little reprieve in "no headaches" will continue, but we sure hope it will.  As well, we are hopeful the surgery tomorrow unfolds into a painless life that is full of service to our one true God, enduring and loving memories to be made with my family and friends, big adventures, Stand Up Paddling, Hovercraft boating (we don't have one...yet), wild life sightings, national geographic experiences and stillness that surpasses all expectations.

I'll be visualizing these things tomorrow as I have a T-8-10 lamenectomy and have the device that caused my paralysis removed.  Please join me in praying for these things and for the boundless energy, focus, and spirit-filled confidence my dear husband will need in the next few days.

The surgeon is Dr. Wilden, so please pray for her skilled hands and focus. She has not said how long the surgery will take. She just said she will take all the time she needs because "if you get into a fight with Ehlers Danlos, you lose." She knows my disease and she is Mayo Clinic Medical School grad. I have complete confidence in her.

She also indicated I may be in LSU Hospital for up to 5 days and should expect a solid year of recovery.  All this short-term sacrifice for a very cost-effective longterm gain.  I'm ready and 100% confident I will be better for it.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.  It truly takes my breath away.

In Him,


  1. You are in good hands - God has amazing plans in store for you - love you friend!

  2. Will be praying for your recovery.