Sunday, March 8, 2015


"Ready...Set..." These were two of my favorite words growing up.  It meant the games were about to begin and being the youngest of five kids, it was essential to jump the gun and get that leading edge.  Defeat was never acceptable. 

It still isn't.  Only, over anxiousness usually lends itself to false starts and since this is definitely not "a sprint to the finish" situation, I'm tasked with evaluating my readiness for another leg of the marathon and facing the fact that I'm not quite in the shape I used to be.  

The facebook post "Ready Set Go," seemed to stir quite a reaction. I think all of you are just about as ready for this leg of the journey as I am. That feels pretty great to have all of you cheering me along. I know David appreciates it just as much.

We enjoyed two nights' rest in Dallas.  We detoured West so Sydney could intercept us, pick up Charley (Aubrey's dog) and give her mother a big dose of much needed daughter's love.  That has been, by far, the best medicine I have taken thus far. (READY!) I'll get my "Aubrey Fix" when we return from Mayo and swing into Austin for a short visit before returning home.

We must make it back to Louisiana by the 22nd of March as my pre-op stuff begins the following day. I'll be having surgery on March 26th to remove the device that has tormented my spine since its faulty placement on August 7, 2013.  I'm not looking forward to that surgery at all, but the surgeon is a Mayo Clinic Med School graduate and very familiar with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She feels sure removing the device will be in my long-term best interest, but was quite frank in her recovery outlook. She believes the next year and a half will be required for a full recovery. She did not beat around the bush regarding the risks, but since I have already experienced paralysis as a result of this process, I'm just hopeful I'll have less pain.  I went ahead and ordered my new lightweight wheelchair that sports more comfort, off-road durability, and Longhorn colors!  Hook Em'!  SET!

As I write today's entry, we are approaching Kansas City, where we will spend the night. Leslie is anxious to get out of the car and join us for some great barbecue at Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue restaurant.  Joe's was closed and that's the one we were aiming maybe on the flip side, as they said on the ole' CB radio, back in the day!  

10-4 good buddy...we'll catch you on the flip side of today. 10-7 Super Su.