Monday, December 8, 2014

The beginning. Yes. I'm finally writing again.

Just over a year ago, I started dating David Watson: my true love.  In short, I kept trying to shoo him away because my health was a disaster and I thought he was just coming to Austin to visit other friends.  BECAUSE my health was a disaster (among other things), I had no idea he was actually interested in dating me.  I had zero interest in dating, but since I thought he was coming to visit another friend, I happily agreed to host my very long-time family friend, for a short visit.

He left that weekend with a kiss that took my breath away and I have been trying to reconcile what has happened since: since.

I am now married to my true love and live in Homer, Louisiana.  I lived in Austin, Texas for 25 years and will talk more about what that transition has been like later.  Most importantly, I started this blog because I have no doubt in my mind that God had this blessing in mind, all along, and I feel compelled to share how the Holy Spirit worked in our lives, how I did everything I could to sabotage Him, how the Holy Spirit intervened AGAIN (via some really good Christian friends)...and IS working in our lives.

I hope you will pop in now and again and here about this amazing story.  This makes the storyline of "The Princess Bride" (my all time favorite movie) seem, well, inconceivable.  I'd start telling you the story now, but "no, there is too much. Let me sum up" ...later (Reference: Princess Bride, Inigo Mantoya, 1987).

Peace, Only in Him