Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Just keep swimming

David and I are answering the 36 questions to find true love that Good Morning America talked about this morning:

We have decided they should have consulted with us if they wanted to find true love.  We've been married 9 months and have officially decided to extend our honeymoon for the remainder of our lives.  I can't think of one day in the past year that I didn't deeply value my relationship with David.  We never take for granted what we have and are completely sure we could live in the boat house and live happily ever after.  The dogs might not like it, though, so we'll stay in the house for now.

It generally takes me a couple of hours to rid myself of the evening's headache, but thankfully, I have about 4 -5 hours each day where I can move around fairly normally.  I'm off to my water aerobics class today.  I drive 40 minutes to the recreation center in Minden, where they have an indoor pool, twice a week.  I try and swim laps after the class if my head can tolerate the pressure.  The bromine in the pool aggravates my head...as with any intense smells, so my time in the pool is limited.  It seems to make a difference in my mobility, so I am going to keep going for now.  And as for the "I" in the "drive to Minden" part....well...that's usually a "he."


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